Exhibitor highlight : Interview with HAIYUN

10 June 2020


Q1: What is the major impact to your company from Covid 19?

A:  The suspension and cancellation of orders from foreign customers have seriously affected the normal operation and development of the company.


Q2: What solution or reform plan did your company implenment?

A: Intensify efforts to develop new products and enrich the types of products, promote on the basis of original customers through exhibitions, online platforms and other channels, develop new customers and promote new products.


Q3: Could give some suggestions to the company which is facing the harsh moment in Covid-19?

A: Adhere to originality, product development, innovation is a development force; at the same time improve the efficiency of the supply chain, reasonable reduction of corporate costs.


Q4: Could you forecast the future trend after Covid-19?

A: After the Covid-19, it is difficult to have explosive demand and growth, and consumers will become more and more rational. The requirements for product quality and style are getting higher and higher, so the requirements for enterprises are also high, and there are many new product developments. Enterprises must cater to the market and make corresponding changes to promote the development of enterprises.


22-24 JUNE 2020 Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center (Bao’an District) – Hall 17



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